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Why Is Chemical Free Weed Control Becoming so Popular

Simple, for the health and safety of people, animals, and our environment. STEAM 'N' WEEDS now offers you a way to reduce risk and demonstrate your duty of care when it comes to controlling weeds. Herbicides/Pesticides had their place in specific areas to control certain vegetation. But now there is a viable alternative for controlling many weeds in our public places, organic controlled areas and around homes and business premises where dangerous chemicals are not wanted. 

STEAM 'N' WEEDS uses and distributes patented Satusteam™ technology by Weedtechnics that utilizes saturated steam to kill weeds thermally. As a modern community now's the time to change our thinking, and change our approach... because we know better!

Why Choose STEAM 'N' WEEDS


  • We utilize patented Satusteam™ technology with years track record of successful weed management.
  • Offer a variety of products and services to suit your weed control needs in municipal, horticultural, landscape maintenance, oilfield maintenance, invasive species control, and so much more.

  • Gives you a safe, innovative and "feel good" way of controlling weeds in close proximity to people. Yes you can control weeds in the parks and schools without worry of the children and pets playing in it! 

  • Can be applied in non favourable weather conditions without worry of overspray, or wash-off. 

  • It's the quickest and less back breaking organic method to control weeds! 

  • Most cost effective and environmentally friendly method of thermal weed control on the market.

Our Products

We are proud Canadian distributors of Weedtechnics SW Series of Satusteam™ hydro thermal technology.

Our Services

Utilizing Weedtechnics patented Satusteam™ technology to eradicate unwanted vegetation. Organic weed control at its finest.

View Our Work

Check out samples of our recent work,and you'll agree that we're the best choice.

The 8 Hidden Costs of Chemical Weed Control

Chemical weed killing may seem cost effective in the short-term, but we've identified the following 8 hidden costs that you don't experience with organic weed control.


1. Herbicide Resistance

Repeated applications of herbicides over many years has resulted in the evolution of many resistant species. This results in increased application rates and mixing of chemicals, which further damages surrounding ecosystems and increases costs. With our saturated steam weeders the weeds become more susceptible to killing and reduces treatment frequency.


2. Employee Exposure

All chemical weed killers are toxins. Repeated employee exposure to known toxins drives up health and safety requirements, certification and record keeping costs. Thermal technology removes toxicology risks associated with chemical weed control products, particularly for horticultural and conservation workers.


3. Off-target Damage

Chemical weed killers sprayed in even light breezes can result in overspraying and off-target damage to desirable vegetation and horticultural crops. Chemical weed killers often release vapours which can cause sickness in chemically-sensitive people. These off-target effects can lead potential litigation.


4. Tarnished Public Image

There is now widespread public knowledge about the hazard to human health of chemical weed killing. Chemical spraying by organisations will lead to a tarnishing of their public image and undermines their environment, safety and sustainability commitments.


5. Public Safety

Application of chemical weed killers, according to label, requires restriction of access to treated areas for a number of hours. This signage poses significant operational costs. Failure to restrict access can expose the public to 'probable carcinogens' and can lead to potential litigation.


6. Storm and Potable Water Contamination

Chemical weed killers translocate easily from paved surfaces, through soil profiles and can contaminate ground waters, streams, creeks and estuaries. Removing chemicals from drinking water sources creates enormous expenses.


7. Habitat, Ecosystem & Livestock Threat

Most commonly used weed killers have the potential to contaminate habitats of sensitive populations of endangered species such as frogs, bee's and butterfly's which are essential to healthy ecosystems. Chemical weed control that has the potential to contaminate fodder and water sources becomes a threat to livestock.


8. Soil Biology

The most commonly used weed killers are Glyphosate based. Glyphosate is a patented anti-biotic and chelator which has been shown to kill soil microbes and bind nutrients. This creates additional costs in soil remediation and fertilising.


STEAM 'N' WEEDS is a proud Canadian distributor of Satusteam™ technology by Weedtechnics:

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